Nigeria is Africa’s populist country and Seven (7) in the world most populated country with 200 million citizens and growing means Nigeria is likely to face serious food shortage and high cost of food. This will result in less productive society, lower GDP growth for the nation, fewer productive workforce, increased level of inequality, increase risk of conflict and instability according to World Bank. This means hunger has become a state of emergency in Nigeria and failure to address or tackle hunger issue will directly impact Nigeria as a whole. According to World Bank, lower class citizens are at an increased risk to face hunger which directly affects their well-being and economic productivity. More holistically, hunger has a direct effect on an individual’s capability to effectively engage in the workforce in a productive way which as a result has direct effect on the national economy. Furthermore, by partnering with Foodbank Network, we will together fight against the impending economic and food crisis in Nigeria. FBN will be able to reach millions of ordinary Nigerians through our advance technological food distribution platform.

How to get Involved

Foodbank Development Network is design with people being at forefront – “for the people and by the people”. You can get involve with FBN by:

  • Volunteering your time
  • Donation (Food Items, Funds or Others)
  • Sponsorship and Partnership


Foodbank Network (FBN) Foundation welcomes partnership with both local and international Non-Governmental Organization with shared vision of ending hunger in Nigeria. Foodbank Development Network believes that through partnerships and collaboration brings joint efforts towards fighting hunger and through partnerships our foundation will be able to effectively implement our strategic mission and vision of providing nutritious food to millions of hungry Nigerians.


Imagine a Nigeria where hunger is optional, where hunger is a choice, where access to food is not a choice between life and death. One Hundred and Twenty Million (120+ Million) Nigerians lives in poverty.

Just imagine the impact of your donation to an average Nigerian with no access to nutritious food daily!

Fighting hunger and food waste in Nigeria begins with you – with your small contribution you can save a child, young adults, and family in need from dying of hunger. Your donation will give the less privilege hope to fight for another day by just gaining access to food.


Account Name: Foodbank Development Network
Bank Name: Access/Diamond
Account Number: 1230406084