FoodBankNetwork, Feeding Nigeria

Food Management System Platform (FMS) is designed to meet the food needs of millions of Nigerians who are likely to be left behind in the system and majority of the vulnerable population lives in the following communities:

  • Peri-Urban Communities, Rural & underemployed/Low Income earners, particularly farmers.
  • Maternal & Children well-being and care.
  • Poor Hospitalize patients (bedridden patients in local hospitals); Homeless families; Orphanage homes and Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs).
  • Student (Nursery to University level from less privileged communities).
  • Families with verifiable family emergencies or crisis.
  • Retirees, Elderly & Veterans.

In addition to the identified vulnerable population, millions of Nigerians are facing serious food crisis among other elements further driving them into hunger driven poverty. At such FBN will ensure these vulnerable populations gain access to:

  • Education on Food Nutrition & healthy diets.
  • Advocacy for Rural Community Development & Agricultural Training.
  • Seminars on health Maintenance Resources through our partnership network.
  • Education on clean Environmental Health Practices through our partnership network.
  • Child Welfare and Development Programs through our partnership network.
  • Career and innovative training seminars through our partnership network.
  • Training & Financial Support to Small Businesses Enterprises.
  • Academic Support –financial emergency support and advocacy for 21st century academic curriculums.

The unique aspect of Foodbank Networks is the Food Management System (FMS) technology platform. The platform is designed to manage the process of eliminating food waste, hunger and poverty in Nigeria based on its unique algorithm that sorts out the efficient food collection and distribution based on food recipient demand, needs, and location.

Food Networks Platform (B2B)

An estimated 72 billion pounds of food goes to waste each year and additional 52 billion pounds of food goes to waste in the hands of manufacturers, grocery stores and restaurants. Furthermore, 20 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are thrown away or left in the fields which equates to $218 billion wasted food each year.

As part of our strategic mission to end food waste in Nigeria and around the world, FBN launches Food Networks Platform (FNP) specifically to provide avenue of linking farmers to food vendors; suppliers; Agro-producers; manufacturers; exporters and distribution chain. Additionally, our unique business to business network will link farmers to regular consumers within their states and region creating an easy access for consumers to shop at their convenient directly from the farmers for fresh produce among other fresh food items. The platform will promote efficiency in farmers ability to sale their harvest to avoid waste.